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As a primary healthcare professional, you play a central role in improving lung health for all Australians, including early diagnosis and best-practice treatment and care for your patients with lung conditions.

The Lung Learning Hub provides you with a centralised source of training and education to improve your knowledge and skills in respiratory healthcare and optimise your patient care.

Through the easy to navigate self-appraisal tool, you can assess your current skill level against key areas and capabilities from the Lung Learning Framework. The Framework is Australia’s best-practice standards for the diagnosis, treatment and care of lung conditions. Using the results of your current knowledge and skill levels across these capabilities, we’ll create your own Lung Learning Hub of tailored education and training opportunities.

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Why complete a self-appraisal?

The self-appraisal tool is designed to help you identify areas that you’d like to grow your knowledge and skills to enhance your respiratory healthcare. The Lung Learning Framework breaks these areas down into domains and capabilities to allow you to focus your professional development. Start your self-appraisal to find tailored education and learning opportunities to optimise your patient care and earn CPD points. All the training available through the Lung Learning Hub has been evaluated against the Framework to ensure it meets the national best-practice standards.

Domain A

Lung health promotion and campaigns

1. Risk identification and case finding for lung conditions

2. Medications/vaccinations

3. Health promotion and education supporting healthy lungs

4. Encourage smoking and vaping cessation

5. Other lifestyle behaviours for healthy lungs

6. Supporting lung health during public health crises

Domain B

Early detection assessments, diagnosis and intervention

7. Patient/client interviews

8. Physical examination and other tests

9. Radiological lung tests

10. Lung function tests

11. Diagnosis

Domain C

Initial planning and care within the primary healthcare setting

12. Educating individual, family & carer about lung condition/s

13. Establishing a management plan

14. Pharmacotherapy/therapeutic medicine

Domain D

Empowering individuals to self-manage and ongoing care support

15. Empowering self-management and providing ongoing care

16. Pulmonary rehabilitation and other supportive services

17. Digital health, e-health, telehealth

18. Advanced care planning and end-of-life support

19. Survivorship

Are you a training provider?

Get access to the Lung Learning Framework and submit your education and training opportunities for evaluation through the Lung Learning Hub

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