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The Lung Learning Hub is a curation of education and training for primary healthcare professionals to increase their knowledge and skills to deliver best-practice respiratory healthcare. The education opportunities recommended to users have been evaluated against the Lung Learning Framework which is Australia’s best-practice education and training competency-based framework.

Users undertake a self-appraisal against the Framework’s competency pillars to determine the domains and capabilities to focus their learning. They are then presented with a tailored suite of education and training opportunities that math these areas.

Developing best-practice training and education

The purpose of the Framework is to guide the learning requirements of primary healthcare professionals to ultimately support the needs of people living with lung condition/s and to reduce the number of Australians who develop a lung condition.

Education and training providers should use the Framework and supporting Activity Development Guide to guide the development of courses and learning opportunities in accordance with the recommended standards.

Listing your education and training in the Lung Learning Hub

Training and education providers can submit courses and learning opportunities for evaluation against the Lung Learning Framework. If successful, your course will then be made available to primary healthcare professionals through the Lung Learning Hub.

To access the Lung Learning Framework and apply to have your Lung Learning activities hosted on the Hub, please follow the link below.

Are you a health professional?

Complete a self-appraisal in the Lung Learning Hub to identify areas to grow your knowledge and skills to optimise your respiratory healthcare.

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